Getting Holiday Crafts Organized

Family-Holiday-TraditionsWith the holidays coming, we all know that holiday crafting time will definitely pick up. We may have all been busy preparing craft projects as gifts or those for our own home decor, but in times of such busy project work, we often neglect the organizing part.

My own crafting area started to get out of control. That’s not a good thing for someone who likes to stay organized and works heavily with helping others get their craft supplies organized. So I needed to tackle my own supplies!

Holiday crafts tend to be a bit different than your every day crafts. The supplies needed are typically color-specific to the holiday. Like Christmas crafts have plenty of red and green, or Halloween has lots of black and orange. Even the fabrics that I use for holiday crafts are specific. So they need to be separate from the other craft supplies.

I like to use different organizers for the big holidays. I keep any left over supplies from kits together with those Crafts on the Go Organizerholidays. Timing for me is putting away the Halloween items. But, I want to keep them organized so that when I hit the after-Halloween sales, I know what I need for next year. Things that I’m out of or running low on are great to pick up when the sales hit.

The after-Christmas sales are big, too. It’s important for me to know what I need and the only way to know for sure is to get organized. As long as I’m getting organized, I can also prepare my organizer for the next holiday.

Since I end up on the go throughout most of the holidays, I like to have a travel craft organizer ready to grab and go. There always seem to be times of waiting around when I can work with another craft project. Especially those holiday crafts.

So take the time now to organize your holiday crafts. You will be more effective for your crafting time and will be more efficient with the after holiday sales.

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