Organizing Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry Making Craft Supply OrganizerRecently, a good friend asked for some help with getting her jewelry making supplies organized. I couldn’t resist since she is the one who taught me jewelry making. So off I headed to her craft room for some roll-up-the-shirt-sleeves work.

Since my specialty is making earrings, I brought with me several of my own extra organizing boxes for small pieces. What I discovered when I arrived was that earrings are just a small part of her jewelry making.

As a matter of fact, she makes mostly very large pieces of jewelry. Beautiful and bold statement necklaces and bracelets are her specialty. That meant that she really needed larger organizers for her craft supplies.

OK, so that just meant that we needed to get her larger storage boxes. She had been using shoe boxes for her jewels and beads. The last time she dropped a box, she broke several pieces and lost a number of others. So I showed her immediately the value of the organizer I had. The lids snap close securely. A huge advantage.

She does her jewelry making on a converted dining table, so we set her up with several Honey Can Do Organizer Carttable-top drawer sets. And a large rolling cart that is loaded with drawers. We laid out all of her tools on a service tray. This made every one of her tools visible while she worked.

Now, she does have some small pieces in her jewelry making. Things like clasps and links. So those we sorted into one of the my small pieces craft supply organizers. It sits on top of her rolling cart, always handy for her.

The end result was that she has a marvelously organized jewelry making craft supply set-up. Her total cost was not expensive. In fact, she told me the cost was less than the broken and lost jewels from her shoe box set-up. That is good craft supply organizing in my book.

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