The Best Rolling Craft Supply Organizer Cart

Alright, I have to admit it, I am sold on this one. It’s called Honey Can Do cart. The absolute best part about it is how great the system is organized itself. A cart of 12 drawers of varying sizes on wheels with a working surface on top.

Now, I will also tell you that I am one of those people who make use of after-the-holiday sales. I get tons of craft supplies like fabric, yarns, adornments, and little project kits after each of the holidays with plans to use them for the next holidays crafting projects. You guessed it! I have a Honey Can Do cart for holiday craft supplies. It makes keeping them organized so easy.

The big drawers on the bottom hold fabric, yarn and larger items. The small drawers on the top hold my small pieces organizers for things like beads, needles and threads. Then the middle drawers typically hold my little project kits, with other medium-sized items. When I need extra space, I can add a box or two on the top surface. The whole cart gets rolled into a closet during the rest of the year and rolled out when I start working on the next holiday project. I told you it was simple.

It’s an investment that I have realized a great profit from. With everything together in one place, when I’m getting ready to head to the after-holiday sales, I just check what I have, what I need to replenish and what space I have to fill up! I don’t end up buying duplicates or buying more than I will make use of for the next year. The Honey Can Do cart will be a great investment for your craft supplies organizing too.

click on picture to get one for yourself.

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