Getting Holiday Crafts Organized

Family-Holiday-TraditionsWith the holidays coming, we all know that holiday crafting time will definitely pick up. We may have all been busy preparing craft projects as gifts or those for our own home decor, but in times of such busy project work, we often neglect the organizing part.

My own crafting area started to get out of control. That’s not a good thing for someone who likes to stay organized and works heavily with helping others get their craft supplies organized. So I needed to tackle my own supplies!

Holiday crafts tend to be a bit different than your every day crafts. The supplies needed are typically color-specific to the holiday. Like Christmas crafts have plenty of red and green, or Halloween has lots of black and orange. Even the fabrics that I use for holiday crafts are specific. So they need to be separate from the other craft supplies.

I like to use different organizers for the big holidays. I keep any left over supplies from kits together with those Crafts on the Go Organizerholidays. Timing for me is putting away the Halloween items. But, I want to keep them organized so that when I hit the after-Halloween sales, I know what I need for next year. Things that I’m out of or running low on are great to pick up when the sales hit.

The after-Christmas sales are big, too. It’s important for me to know what I need and the only way to know for sure is to get organized. As long as I’m getting organized, I can also prepare my organizer for the next holiday.

Since I end up on the go throughout most of the holidays, I like to have a travel craft organizer ready to grab and go. There always seem to be times of waiting around when I can work with another craft project. Especially those holiday crafts.

So take the time now to organize your holiday crafts. You will be more effective for your crafting time and will be more efficient with the after holiday sales.


Organizing Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry Making Craft Supply OrganizerRecently, a good friend asked for some help with getting her jewelry making supplies organized. I couldn’t resist since she is the one who taught me jewelry making. So off I headed to her craft room for some roll-up-the-shirt-sleeves work.

Since my specialty is making earrings, I brought with me several of my own extra organizing boxes for small pieces. What I discovered when I arrived was that earrings are just a small part of her jewelry making.

As a matter of fact, she makes mostly very large pieces of jewelry. Beautiful and bold statement necklaces and bracelets are her specialty. That meant that she really needed larger organizers for her craft supplies.

OK, so that just meant that we needed to get her larger storage boxes. She had been using shoe boxes for her jewels and beads. The last time she dropped a box, she broke several pieces and lost a number of others. So I showed her immediately the value of the organizer I had. The lids snap close securely. A huge advantage.

She does her jewelry making on a converted dining table, so we set her up with several Honey Can Do Organizer Carttable-top drawer sets. And a large rolling cart that is loaded with drawers. We laid out all of her tools on a service tray. This made every one of her tools visible while she worked.

Now, she does have some small pieces in her jewelry making. Things like clasps and links. So those we sorted into one of the my small pieces craft supply organizers. It sits on top of her rolling cart, always handy for her.

The end result was that she has a marvelously organized jewelry making craft supply set-up. Her total cost was not expensive. In fact, she told me the cost was less than the broken and lost jewels from her shoe box set-up. That is good craft supply organizing in my book.

Halloween and Crafting

It’s October and, of course, we are thinking Halloween crafts. There are lots of varieties to work with and still have time before Halloween arrives. But, a favorite for me is a quick make counted cross stitch. This one is charming for Halloween and not an intricate pattern, so you can still get it finished in time for the big night.

Just click on the picture to see more about it. This is from Stoney Creek so you know it’s been carefully tested to be just right for you.

If you want to see more fun Halloween activities, we have them. Halloween Craft Projects to Enjoy takes you through some great options with different craft ideas. So get out your special crafting glasses and get going on your next project.

The Best Rolling Craft Supply Organizer Cart

Alright, I have to admit it, I am sold on this one. It’s called Honey Can Do cart. The absolute best part about it is how great the system is organized itself. A cart of 12 drawers of varying sizes on wheels with a working surface on top.

Now, I will also tell you that I am one of those people who make use of after-the-holiday sales. I get tons of craft supplies like fabric, yarns, adornments, and little project kits after each of the holidays with plans to use them for the next holidays crafting projects. You guessed it! I have a Honey Can Do cart for holiday craft supplies. It makes keeping them organized so easy.

The big drawers on the bottom hold fabric, yarn and larger items. The small drawers on the top hold my small pieces organizers for things like beads, needles and threads. Then the middle drawers typically hold my little project kits, with other medium-sized items. When I need extra space, I can add a box or two on the top surface. The whole cart gets rolled into a closet during the rest of the year and rolled out when I start working on the next holiday project. I told you it was simple.

It’s an investment that I have realized a great profit from. With everything together in one place, when I’m getting ready to head to the after-holiday sales, I just check what I have, what I need to replenish and what space I have to fill up! I don’t end up buying duplicates or buying more than I will make use of for the next year. The Honey Can Do cart will be a great investment for your craft supplies organizing too.

click on picture to get one for yourself.

Organizing Small Craft Supplies

I make a lot of jewelry, especially earrings. So I have plenty of tiny little pieces to work with. I want to keep them sorted and organized. With my craft room, I have an entire on-the-table shelving unit that holds all of my small-piece organizers. I also have many of those!

My jewelry supplies include earring hooks and posts in both gold and silver, plenty of different sized tiny rings and lots of beads and crystals to adorn the earrings I craft. I’m one of these people who must keep everything sorted by size color and use.

But, more than that, I like to be able to see and get to all the items I need when I’m crafting. So I like the flat containers with plenty of little bins in each. You may prefer to use small drawer sets or towers of little bins that will all stay closed up until you need to get a piece out.

In deciding which small-piece organizers you want, consider how much you like to sort your craft supplies, how many different items and sizes you have and how you prefer to work. These are all factors that will help you choose the best small-piece craft organizers for you.

Organizing Crafts at Home

Most people do most of their crafting at home. So you need good ways to store your craft supplies. At-home organizers are the answer.

They are typically larger, may have drawers or shelf space. These larger units can sit on a table or desk top, or stand proudly along a wall, but they can also be rolled into a closet or into an unused corner of the room.

Although, I have a room devoted entirely to my crafts, I use rolling carts along with standing furniture. Rolling carts are great for someone like me who enjoys many different types of crafts. I use a rolling cart for each of the many projects I work on. When it’s time to work on a particular craft, I just roll that cart with all it’s supplies over to my work table and I’m ready to go. Everything stays organized and I only store the extras in my standing furniture.

For those of you without a dedicated craft room, you might use the kitchen table for your crafting. In which case, a rolling cart also makes a great way to keep your craft supplies organized. Roll the cart when you are ready to craft and just roll it out of the way when you are finished.

At-home craft supply organizers are ideal whether you have a passion for only one craft or you love many different crafts.

Crafter’s Business Cards

Whether you craft for profit or not, business cards are a good tool to promote what you do.  If you are selling your crafted items on websites like Etsy, eBay or Made It Myself, then you know the value of promoting your business. Especially when people order gift items from you.

I am a perfect example. My daughter ordered a birthday gift for me from an online craft store. She had it sent directly to me and the crafter included her business card. Well, don’t you know I ran right over to check out that shop and ended up ordering several more items from her.

Just that one business card, a simple thing, made her extra money from her shop. If you sell at craft fairs and community fests, then your business cards need to be available there. You are building a business and the more you do to promote it, the better and faster your business will grow.

Even if you don’t sell you crafted items, but make them to give to friends and family, business cards are still a fun way to say: Made with love. It’s one of those special touches that your recipients will appreciate.

Find lots of business card choices here. Remember, too, business cards make a great gift for a crafter you know.